World’s top selling automaker in 2012 –Toyota takes back the crown!

toylogos toyotalogoToyota Motor Corp has regained as the top selling automaker in 2012, after loosing to GM and Volkswagen in 2010 and 2011.

The company which had a lot of negative news running in the market with the number of recalls in the US market, later hit by an earthquake in Japan, floods in Thailand had disrupted the overall sales for the automaker.

Now they have regained their position as the top selling automaker in 2012, the company said they have sold 9.75 million vehicles worldwide and is up by 22.6% a year ago, the company is counting on a stronger US demand to sell more than 9.91million vehicles in 2013 which will be up by 1.6% from 2012.

It’s going to be a tough competition in 2013 with GM and Volkswagen, have some serious plans to dethrone Toyota.