Volvo’s intelligent high beam lights

Volvo Active-High-Beam-Control

Volvo has developed an intelligent high beam light technology that makes night driving safer and easier specially on the highways. On a daily basis, drivers are a little selfish and use high beams unnecessarily for better vision by blinding the other drivers on road which is not the right thing to do with regard to road discipline. The Swedish automaker which has always given preference to safety for the others on the road, has developed a permanent high beam technology termed as ‘Active High Beam Control’ that works on high beam without disturbing the other drivers on the road intelligently, but how?

Volvo high beam

This headlight will always be on high beam and when there is an oncoming car approaching, the system creates shade or a partial blind over the oncoming car so that the driver is not affected from the high beam passing through. Similarly, if there is a car going ahead in front, the system creates a shade so that the driver does not feel uncomfortable with the high beam light passing through the rear windshield on to the mirror. Ultimately, the system identifies vehicles and creates a shade but illuminates the rest of the road for better vision such as idle vehicles on the sides of the road, pedestrians or any other obstacles ahead making it safe and easy to drive on the highways.

Volvo high beam

This Active High Beam Control system uses a camera which is also used for Volvo’s automatic braking and collision avoidance system placed on top of the front windscreen behind the interior rear view mirror to detect a vehicle, object or pedestrian ahead. There is a computer that gives  information to the headlight, where small metal slivers of varying sizes act as shades to control the direction and brightness of the light.

Volvo will launch this system at the Geneva Motor Show next week and will be available on its S60, V60 and XC60.