Honda to discontinue Civic in India

Honda pulls plug on Civic in India
Honda has confirmed that it will discontinue its ageing D-segment sedan, Civic in India with the last few units that the dealers have in stock. Honda stopped Civic’s production a few months ago and the reason for discontinuing the stylish sedan could be the drop in demand because of high petrol prices and the age of the car to a certain extent .

Honda will not bring in the next-generation Civic for a while in India though it comes with a 1.6Ltr diesel engine which Honda feels is not compatible for Indian conditions. Honda feels, the launch of the next-generation Civic only in petrol will not turn heads which was one of the reasons for discontinuing Civic in a country like India where the price of diesel is almost half of the price of petrol and Honda has struggled off-late with Civic’s sales to go past the double digit mark that sold a hand-full 138 units which was once the best seller in its class.

Moreover, the new Civic that was launched in Europe dint get the response that Honda expected unlike the old Civic that was first launched in 2007 where the company saw a record sales figure of 2546 units that year in India alone unlike the new Civic in Europe. Honda sees that as a let down to launch it in India and hence is working on a strong USP; a diesel engine that satisfies Indian conditions.