Mercedes Benz to develop a smaller G-Wagon called the GLG

Mercedes Benz to develop a smaller G-Class called the GLG
The German automaker, Mercedes Benz wants to create a smaller version of the G-Wagon that is expected to be called the GLG. Mercedes Benz plans to go by the history and legacy of the legendary G Wagon and present it to the modern urban youth with the new compact SUV.

As far as design is concerned, the GLG will have a boxy look derived from the G Class, it will have a wide track, an extended wheelbase with front wheel drive based on the modular front wheel drive architecture (MFA). Overall, this SUV will be designed to look like a thorough off-roader.

A dedicated off-road version with Mercedes’s 4Matic technology will also be on offer. It will consist of an off-road package with hill descent control, dedicated 4×4-driving program, skid plates and a compass.

The Mercedes GLG will be offered in both petrol and diesel versions. The petrol versions range in power from 122 hp – 350 hp in the AMG version while the diesel versions range in power from 136 hp – 204 hp. A hybrid version with two compact electric motors on the rear axle is also under consideration.

The new GLG SUV is expected to come out in 2015 with a price tag of around 22 lakh INR.

None of the other car makers such as Audi or BMW have a legendary flagship SUV which can be compared to the G Wagon. It will be interesting to see whether or not the GLG will be able to keep up to its BIG DADDY’s name.