Tata Nano CNG To Be Launched in 2012

Tata Nano CNG To Be Launched in 2012
With petrol fuel price rising unexpectedly, the demand for petrol cars are coming down and hence carmakers are looking out at an alternate fuel to reduce the running cost. Tata Motors has developed a CNG Nano that is all set to be launched soon this year, adding another feather to Nano’s cap.  

Tata Motors had showcased the Nano CNG  at the 2012 Auto Expo in Delhi and the scheduled date for launch was The Indian automaker was scheduled to launch the CNG Nano in 2013 but with petrol prices increasing at a larger scale, Tata Motors has decided to pre-pone the launch to 2012.

The Tata Nano CNG will be powered by the same 624cc, twin-cylinder engine that will run on both petrol and CNG fuels without loss of power in any of its avatar, thanks to the sequential injection. The Nano CNG will only host a 15-litre petrol tank and 35 kg capacity of CNG and in order to ensure the safety of the CNG system, Tata get the Nano equipped with a leak detection system that will cut down fuel supply in case of a leakage, looks like Tata has the kept in mind fire incidents occured at various parts of the country by a Nano.

The Nano CNG will be priced at Rs. 15,000/- more than the petrol version and hope to increse its sales numbers. Tata Motors will launch the diesel powered Nano only next year.