Chevrolet plans to discontinue Aveo & Aveo U-VA

Chevrolet plans to discontinue  Aveo & Aveo U-VA

General Motors is planning to discontinue the not so selling Chevrolet Aveo and U-VA models pretty soon which have been in the Indian market for a long time. The discontinuation come in as a strategic move from General Motors to give way for the new Sail twins to occupy a position in the Chevrolet line-up.

Chevrolet could not keep up with the competition while their arch rivals had a diesel variant and that helped them move forward in terms of sales unlike the Aveo twins. Learning from mistakes, General Motors has powered the upcoming Sail sedan and hatchback with both petrol and diesel engines that will put Chevrolet in the safe zone in comparison to their competitors.

With the arrival of new Sail twins, we have to wait and watch if Chevrolet will get back what it had lost with the Aveo twins in terms of sales numbers for which the cars should be priced competitively by General Motors.