All new Maruti Suzuki 800 coming soon!

All new Maruti Suzuki 800 coming soon!
Maruti 800 will now be a legend. Maruti Suzuki is reportedly ending the production of the car that launched the ‘affordable cars’ trend in India.

While the best selling title has now been awarded to Mauti’s Alto, the Maruti 800 continues to make an impressive sale of 2,000 units every month. Having been one of the first passenger cars for Maruti, the company partnered with Suzuki Motor Corporation to usher in a new era in the Indian automative industry.

With an aim to manufacture 1,00,000 cars, Maruti Suzuki sold a meagre 35,000 to 40,000 units. Evenually, the ball got rolling. In 1983, the on road Delhi price of Maruti 800 was Rs. 52, 500. It has been three decades since then, and the journey of Maruti 800 has been beyond success!

The model has undergone various changes ever since, and has sold about 2.5 million units. However, in 2010, 800 was off road in major Indian cities for failingn to meet the BS4 emission norms. That was perhaps when Maruti Suzuki decided to consider ending the most significant chapter of their alliance, and of India’s automotive industry.

There is good news though. Maruti Suzuki plans to launch a newer version of the 800 that will use the company’s existing platform, and will sport a completely different look.

And Maruti 800? Like we said – it will now be a legend.